Biography in English

When I came to painting?

I came to painting in 2011.

To the painting itself:

I paint on canvas and even prepared painting surfaces such as wooden boards (HDF). These are coarse textured. I generally use marble dust, adhesive plaster, sand, stones, paper, etc. In the preparation of my pictures I use only high quality pigments. From pigments I put myself forth colors or processed, the pigments in the raw state in the images inside. All images are coated to protect against environmental influences with a varnish.

My art must "shine" because I want to radiate itself, and must for me "look nice". For this reason I use often metallic effects (eg metallic paste, whipped metals, metallic pigments, etc.). The edges of the works of art are also painted, so that an additional framing is not necessary.

Meanwhile, I have a fondness for marble dust and building materials.

I created each piece of art is unique.

How are my pictures?

I paint without prior sketches, idea or proposal. The copying of images is for me not an option. These pictures give me anything. I just start. At the beginning I do not know what in the end as the image is on the stretcher. I let the feelings flow. The name of forgiveness takes place only when the work is completed. It is very common that there are other images in my finished pictures, I did not like. This process, however, it belongs to the origin of my pictures. A work of art by me is only complete when my emotions allow.

Artistic training?

I participated with an artist at a few lessons.
However, I had to determine that the class has restricted me in my creativity strongly or completely. I could not unfold easily. Even in a friendly painting group I could find out. Then I decided to paint freely and alone in my creativity and without thinking whether the technique that I used in the creation of my art reflects the current art school training. Proportions me are simply not care. In short, I paint without thinking. Because when I think of painting, creating my art out of my feelings and my soul.